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Katmal Limited is the consultancy business of Keith Pearce.

Katmal Limited can provide experienced and trusted capability to help you improve your emergency and contingency planning. With experience of emergency preparedness in a wide variety of business types, we can help you analyse the requirements placed on you by legislation, guidance and regulator expectations and can provide advice on current good practice and best practice;

We can help with risk assessments to determine the required scope of your plans and training needs analysis to determine the numbers and types of people you need in your arrangements and the training you should give them;

We can help with the writing, revising or justifying of plans, preparation for audits, the preparation and management of exercises to test your plans or the facilitation and reporting of workshops. We can help you to manage the introduction of REPPIR 2019 and prepare for regulatory inspection.

We can provide other services based on our qualifications and experience.

Publications by Keith Pearce.

Nuclear Emergency Response for Local Authorities

This book gives an overview of how nuclear reactors work, reactor accidents, emergency planning and radiological protection. The aim is to allow the reader to understand the discussions in the SCC and to understand any advice being given to them about radiation doses and risks to the public, to themselves and to their employees.

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Published by Katwab Limited

How to survive a nuclear emergency


My first published book provides indepth preparedness advice for those who live near a nuclear facility. It is intended for members of the public who are not satisfied with the level of detail given in REPPIR leaflets.

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Katmal Limited customers

Katmal Limited has worked for a wide range of customers from new build projects, operating sites, decommissioning sites, nuclear dockyards and local authorities. A significant fraction of the work is new business from old customers which is seen as being a positive endorsement of the work performed. Hover over company logo for more details

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The Katmal limited blog contains a number of short essays and reports about the events and publications that have interested me.

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