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Katwab Limited is the publishing Company of Keith Pearce. It publishes books on nuclear emergency planning and related subjects.

Nuclear Emergency Planning and Response

Nuclear EP&R

What is it about?

This book provides an introduction to nuclear physics, reactor physics, radiation protection and nuclear emergency planning and response

Who should read it

This book should be read by:

Published 26 April 2021

How to survive a nuclear emergency

how to survive

What is it about?

This book provides advice to members of the public about how to prepare for and respond to a nuclear emergency that sends a plume of radioactive materials over their homes or places or work (or just threatens to).

Who should read it

This book should be read by anyone who lives near a nuclear site or anyone interested in the potential impact of a nuclear emergency.

It shows how to prepare for, and how to respond to, a nuclear emergency.

With this information you should be able to better understand any advice being given by the authorities and be more confident about keeping your family and friends safe throughout the ordeal.

Published 16 January 2018 (Second Edition)

The Physics of the Chernobyl accident


What is it about?

This highly readable explanation of what went wrong at Chernobyl neatly slips into the gap in the market between the densely worded official reports of the accident and the human story presented in many popular books and so intriguingly retold in the recent TV mini-series, Chernobyl. Did it rouse your curiosity to really understand what really went wrong that April day in 1986, and how it was allowed to happen? Written by industry insider Keith Pearce, “The Physics of Chernobyl” makes fascinating reading, clearly setting out the background to the accident in a way which is accessible to the student of physics as well as those members of the general public who have a basic grasp of physics and are keen to understand the details of the accident.

Review: "This is a good read" Michael K. Stenstrom

Who should read it

Any one who has an interest in reactor physics, nuclear physics or the Chernobyl accident.

Published December 2019

Also by Keith, published in Nuclear Engineering International
"Fukushima, What did we Learn?";
Mobile measurements",Mobile gamma spectroscopy for emergency response;
"The rise of the UAV", a review of UAV usage in the nuclear industry.
"Small and Advanced Reactors Report", a review of the NEI virtual event.

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