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REPPIR-19 has significantly changed the risk assessment upon which the scale of off-site plans are based, updated the requirements of both off-site and on-site plans, moved responsibilities (mainly from the regulator to the local authorities) and changed consultation, cooperation and training expectations. There is a great deal of work required to get on-site and off-site plans up to standard and, in particular there is a greater need for records to be kept of consultations, discussions and agreements. A summary of the application of REPPIR-19 across the UK can be found at Katmal.co.uk/reppir2019progress.html.

ONR Guide

Setting the DEPZ

REPPIR-19 has moved the duty of setting the DEPZ from the ONR, based on their discussions with the operator and their knowledge of the safety case, to the local authority, basing their judgement on a short report from the operator and advice from the PHE. Katmal Limited has:

We can help you with any part of this cycle. Local authorities should note that this work can be charged to the operator (Regulation 16(1)).
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Off-site plans

REPPIR-19 has made some important differences to the expectations placed on off-site emergency plans (Regulation 11). Of note is the need to have covered outline planning for most nuclear sites and the transition to recovery for all nuclear sites. The revised regulations have also confused the situation with regard to Emergency Exposures and Reference Levels of Dose. There is a significant amount of work to do to make REPPIR-01 off-site plans meet the requirements of REPPIR-19.

Katmal has helped a local authority revise their off-site plan and audit it against REPPIR-19.

The good news is that Katmal Limited has helped local authorities audit their existing plans against the need of REPPIR-19, recommended revising to get the plan up to standard and revised plans. The other good news is that the costs can be charged to the operator.
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On-site plans

We can help you develop, revise and update your on-site nuclear plans (Site licence condition 11 and REPPIR-19).

REPPIR-19 has introduced new expectations such more detail on transition to recovery, the provision of information to the governments and reference Levels of Dose.
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REPPIR-19 requires co-operation between a number of parties (Regulations 11, 12, 13).

Katmal Limited can help you to plan how you are going to do this and record the outcome in a suitable manner. This could be in the form of EPCC meetings, workshops or the exchange of letters/emails. Contact us


Prepare for audits

The requirements of REPPIR-19, other regulation and statutory and non-statutory guidance, are complex; you need to be able to convince your management, the public and the regulators that you are doing a good job. Katmal Limited can undertake informal "audits" of your arrangements] Email Katmal Limited

Working in a DEPZ

Katmal Limited has given advice to Companies that have interests within a DEPZ about the potential consequences of being in a REPPIR-19 DEPZ.

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REPPIR-19 advice to property developers


A consortium of property developers employed Katmal Limited to advise themselves and their legal team about REPPIR-19 and its proper implementation.

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