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Additional resources

Where a task is too big for Katmal Limited or requires addition specialist services or verification, Katmal Limited will acquire additional resource including, but not limited to:

Patrick O'Hanrahan

Click on the photo to see Patrick's CV. here View patrick's profile on LinkedIn

Patrick has a wide range of experience in the nuclear industry. He now runs his own Company.

His services include helping clients prepare Safety Cases for old and new facilities and writing REPPIR HIREs and supporting documents.

Nigel Brooke-Smith

Click on the photo to see Nigel's CV. here View patrick's profile on LinkedIn

Nigel is a successful and dynamic project manager with a wide range of skills and experience. He has sucessfully project managed the introduction of new technology into emergency schemes and undertaken reviews of technical options for emergency planning groups.



Katmal Limited has worked with HP2 on a project to review the emergency arrangements at Devonport Royal Dockyard.

This relationship provides access to a number of key capabilities.

Georgia Smith

Town Crafting

View patrick's profile on LinkedIn

Georgia Smith, who trades under the name Town Crafting is an Associate of Katmal Limited.

Georgia is self employed and an experienced Town Centre Manager. She has a Master of Business Administration degree and offers a range of skills to Katmal Limited including business administration and strategy and has valuable experience of market research and communication.