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Katmal Limited - a trusted Emergency Planning Consultancy

Katmal Limited provides access to experienced and trusted emergency planners. If you need help understanding the requirements placed on you by legislation and guidance, help with risk assessments to determine the required scope of your plans, training needs analysis to determine the types of people you need in your arrangements and the training you should give them, the writing, revising or justifying of plans, preparation for audits, the preparation and management of exercises to test your plans or the facilitation and reporting of workshops Katmal Limited can help.

Katmal Limited is the consultancy business of Keith Pearce. Owner of Katmal Limited and Consultant Katmal Limited infoweb1@katmal.co.ukDr

This web site gives some information about Keith and some information about Katmal Limited, what services it offers and what projects it has completed. It also provides a link to the Katmal Limited Blog where you can join discussions about matters associated with emergency planning in the UK (here)

Emergency is defined in Part 1 of the Civil Contingencies Act as 'an event or situation which threatens serious damage to human welfare in a place in the UK, the environment of a place in the UK, or war or terrorism which threatens serious damage to the security of the UK'.

Emergency arrangements are a requirement at all UK nuclear licensed sites and subject to national and international regulation and guidance. The aim of emergency arrangements are to protect the public, the people on site, the environment and property from harm by coordinating a response to any untoward event no matter how caused. Emergency preparedness the last line of protection in what is termed "Defence in Depth" whereby facilites are operated in a carefully controlled manner designed to minimise the probability and consequence of accidents.

About Keith

Keith has a PhD in Nuclear Physics (Triton induced reactions on 2s-1d Nuclei University of London (1986)).

He spent three years at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich as a Senior Lecturer specialising in teaching Health Physics, Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Shielding and Emergency Response from introductory to MSc level. He also manage d the Graduate Entry Scheme for Civil Service Health Physicists.

He has worked as a mathematical modeller, developing and implementing models of the movement of radionuclides through the atmosphere, surface waters, ground waters and food-chains.

He has been Head of Emergency Planning for the Magnox fleet of ten reactor sites and was responsible for writing and implementing the strategy to realign the emergency arrangements at post-operational sites to the risks posed by these sites.

He has lectured and coached emergency responders on the Magnox sites and in the Company's central facility (the Central Emergency Support Centre - CESC).

He has been an influential member of a large number of important committees including the Nuclear Emergencies Arrangements Forum, The National Emergency Planning Liaison Group and all of the Magnox Emergency Planning Consultative Committees.

He has held and exercised in many emergency scheme posts including Health Physicist and Emergency Controller.

An independent contractor for over three years, he has worked on a variety of projects for a variety of customers gaining further experience on the way. Keith enjoys working with new clients and seeking to understand and improve emergency schemes and has a wealth of experience and academic credentials to bring to bear on any issue.

He has lectured at the IBC Radiological Protection Summer School for many years.

He has also helped to manage a school (chair of governors), a pre-school and out of school club (founder, chairman), a village radio station (Cam-FM) (founder, technical lead and treasurer), a village (Cam) (Parish Councillor) and a village Hall (Variously secretary or treasurer).

He is the author of "How to Survive a Nuclear Emergency" which is available on Amazon.

His hobbies include football (Portsmouth FC season ticket holder), gardening, travel, photography and history.

Key points

  • A trusted contractor with a range of satisfied customers
  • Experienced emergency planning manager
  • Knowledgeable about relevant legislation and guidance
  • Experienced emergency responder
  • Exercise planning, management, debriefing
  • Experienced trainer
  • Good communicator, written and spoken

Click on the photo to see Keith's CV:

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